Training classes are a good way of socialising your dog as well as training him or her, but if you have a particular problem to solve, a one-to-one session with Julia may be more useful.

A one-to-one session with a new puppy can give a great foundation for any follow on training.

We can arrange training at your home for a one-to-one training session. These sessions can be particularly useful for those who are unable to attend classes or have a particular training problem with their dog. Working in the home environment helps both dog and owner.

Problems that might typically be dealt with in a one-to-one session include:

     Chewing furniture

     Chewing people!

     Fouling in the house

     Jumping up at visitors

     Excessive barking

One-to-one training sessions usually last at least 1 hour.  Whatever issue is being addressed, we will identify a training method that best suits both you and your dog, show you how to use it, and give you a plan for future practice.

Resolving a problem may be possible in just one session, but sometimes it requires more.  We will always make sure we understand your problem before embarking on one-to-one training.  It may also be beneficial for you and your dog to join a class environment following the one-to-one session.

Please give Julia a call or email for information.

Learning with the Clicker

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Amanda & Bentley, Herts