CocoWe enrolled our Pomeranian puppy to all three classes.
( puppy class, beginner class and advance class) our puppy could sit when we asked her but she needed more training to listen to our command.  Joining all three classes was the best thing we did for our Coco. She learned new tricks and most of all how to listen and follow instructions. Coco's behaviour improved so much. Thanks to Jenet who a a very caring parson and a fantastic dog trainer we have a well behaved puppy. 
We would highly recommend Play N Learn classes for every dog owner.

Jackie and Lulu, Hemel Hempstead

Amber"We really enjoyed our weekly training sessions of puppy classes and intermediate classes with Chris and Janet. The classes are really sociable and lots of fun - Janet's impression of "down" made us laugh every time. We use most of the training one way or another every day. We are all definitely missing the sessions and are looking forward to coming back for more in the new year."

Kate, William & Lexie, Herts


Amber"We enrolled our Shichon puppy, Amber, in the Play 'n' Learn Beginner classes when she was three months old. Over the six classes, Amber's ability and behaviour greatly improved and she's now doing all sorts of impressive tricks as well as the basic 'sit', 'down' and 'stay' etc! Julia and Chris were brilliant; very knowledgeable and informative and the small classes enabled each dog to get individual attention. We would highly recommend these classes to all dog owners. (A Shichon is a Bichon Frise - Shih tzu cross!)"

Louise & Richard, Hemel Hempstead


puppy trainingWe had never owned a dog before so everything was new, Julia has taught us how to discipline, play and learn with our dog using the clicker system. Every week we have become more confident and our puppy has learned various rules of dog training.
I can highly recommend Play 'N' Learn Puppy school and  we will definitely go onto the more advance course with Julia."

Ciarleglio family, Herts


Bliss"Bliss has attended all of Julia's Play 'N' Learn clicker training classes, she has really enjoyed each one starting with the puppy class, through the intermediate class and most recently the tricks class.

Bliss has learnt a great deal from the classes and enjoys showing off her new skills, we use all the skills Bliss has learnt on a day to day basis. Bliss also enjoyed the social side of the classes meeting new dogs and making friends."

Lee Buck, Herts


Dog Training at Play N Learn

"The classes were so relaxed and friendly with simple clicker and reward techniques"

Terry Cook, Herts